Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What Can’t Be Seen

After sunset I walk under spruce boughs,
 looking for the owl the others saw midday.
 Huge, they said, it took up so much being,
 so much heartspan in the air. Whoo whoo,
 I move toward it, no moon or stars,
 my way snow-lit.

Above the branches foxed in blacker
 than the sky, I hope to see its ears
 in silhouette, the shoulder-shrug of wings.

Whoo, whoo, louder now, then nothing.
 It seems just in front of me and high.

Beneath the trees, I stand inside
 my many years, inside the owl’s
 deep hearing— it’s hush, my hush,
 circling out and out and touching
 our grey heads. Let this be
 the what-I-don’t-see I die with,
 this feathered, thick-lapped
 listening of the night.

by Lorna Crozier | Artwork by Alexandra Khitrova

Monday, October 20, 2014

"i am autumn"....

~*i am autumn.....

~gliding upon solstice dance floors,
tripping the light fantastic with
dapper breezes dressed in grey

~tiptoeing across canopies,
tinting emerald faces to
blushing reds,
and spilling golden hues upon
shivering aspens....

~stealing at midnight
across pumpkin smiles,
brushing them with
sugar-fine frost,
while painting icy fractals
upon un-expecting window panes...

~lending tartness to apple delights
that dangle in trees fully ripe,
yearning to become warm cider..

~erasing crimson petals from
roses that that fall...
....hushed...to garden floors,
bees still seeking their
last sweet kiss of death...

~stroking the horizon with
artistic brush, dipped in ocean's
angry snarl....
...allowing october's sky
to give birth to a golden
harvest child...

~leaving forgotten feathered beds,
mourning doves escape upon
updrafts of cordial southern wind
~tucking spent butterflies gently
into chrysalis blankets,
lulling them into dream-filled
slumber of winter.

~spreading earth's bountiful seeds..
..maize, dried in butter-colored
nuggets for crow's delight...
....maple-seed spinners, plummeting
to mate with soil....
...as spores rush to become
truffled treasure...

forever changing....
..i am autumn...

Copyright Margaret LaVonne Hall
All rights reserved...